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Jay and Lisa: before and after teaser

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | |

I came home at 2AM last night from a ~6 hour trip from New Orleans with Jessica. Yesterday was a big day for us. It was also the first time I met Jay and Lisa, the lovely couple you will be meeting shortly after I'm done culling and processing their non-traditional wedding.

Don't miss it. Just imagine: a ceremony in Oak Alley plantation, then a 4 hour jaunt in the French Quarter with Janelle and Bryan, their maid-of-honor and best man. It's coming, I promise :)

Needless to say, instead of doing the cleaning I can't put off, and wrapping Christmas presents for Adam (yeah, Christmas, which is in two days!), I am instead putting these things off so I could have a wonderful time looking at Jay and Lisa's photos. Can't blame a girl for going gaga over a wedding, can you? I love weddings. I adore weddings. It's just such a magical time. Ok, I don't want to get teary eyed again (you'll see what I mean later), so here's a little something for you. A before and after teaser. I'm going to start posting these from now on.



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