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Joan: a boudoir episode

Sunday, December 13, 2009 | |

I learned two things this past Saturday. One: a gripped 5d2 with an on-camera 580EX and a 24-70L gives a better work out than push-ups alone. Two: I really need to work out more so a 3 hour event doesn't hurt the next day. Trust me, I felt it in places I didn't think I would.

(Note to self: allot twenty minutes every day for lifting the camera up and down.)

It was a really busy day. I had gotten up at 6:45AM to get ready for an early Christmas Party event I was covering at one of the beautiful houses in the Westchase area, and right after that was done at 1PM, I went by Laurie Perez's studio to be an extra "voice activated reflector arm" during her boudoir shoot scheduled at 2pm. But because she's Laurie, who is wonderful, she told me to pick up my camera every now and then.

Meet Joan. She's a few inches short of 5 foot tall, petite and cute as a doll. I want to add her to the things I want to clone and put in my pocket. It's actually a calendar shoot and each outfit represented different months. It was a lot of fun! Joanna's sister, being a MUA, did her hair and make-up and stayed about 4 hours (the shoot lasted 6, I think) through the different outfit changes.

Here is the January outfit. We set her up on a stool next to a piano and opened the garage door on the side of Laurie's studio to let in some natural light. These were the only photos I took, by the way, since we were on a tight schedule.

A candid shot on the left. The expression on her face makes this my absolute fave!

And here's the set-up. Laurie with the camera and Sally, Joanna's sister, to her right.

Image quality is not as good on blogger, so I'm sorry it doesn't pop. I can't figure out how to make it a better resolution even though I'm linking it off my smugmug gallery, where the photos look fantastic.

Oh, I did learn a third thing that day: I need to start booking boudoir :)

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