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a quiet christmas

Sunday, December 27, 2009 | |

The best gift I could ever have is for Adam and I to spend Christmas together. Adam was in Norway fixing oil rigs, and we weren't sure if he'd make it back home. He didn't know till a week before the 25th, actually. When I read his email saying he'd be home on the afternoon of the 24th, I almost cried.

See, we've been married 7 and some odd years. But after our tours in the Navy, and after he took the job that consequently moved us to Houston, I could count with a few fingers how many times we actually spent holidays together. That includes birthdays. And anniversaries. Specially anniversaries.

So when I read that email, I almost cried. I was so excited that I went to two grocery stores to get food. I'm not a good cook - I do try, but I like baking better. There's a Whole Foods Market about 15 minutes away and I managed to squeeze between the lines and come away with three dishes. I made rice. Rice always completes a meal for me. It's my comfort food. You should see my rice cooker. It's the most tricked out rice cooker Adam's ever seen.

Adam got home tired. We ate before he conked out for ten hours. Poor guy was traveling from Norway, after all. And looking at him sleeping peacefully on the couch - he wouldn't move to the bed till I was ready to sleep - I was thankful that he was safe. If I didn't get any other present than the sight of him sleeping on the couch with his hands tucked under his head I would have been happy. It would have made my year.

But of course, I've been a good girl too! So I got an awesome blender/food processor from my parents, and Adam's family sent a cacophony of stocking stuffers, a snuggie from Brookstone - trust me, if you've ever felt heaven, it would be in the sleeves of a NAP snuggie; and a "Save the Murlocs" T-shirt from Ginger, my awesome sister-in-love. Adam got me a fancy leatherette trench coat with grommets on the lapels. I was totally channeling Trinity from the Matrix in it. I make a fantastic Trinity, if I may say so myself. Not to mention the Canon G11 on the way from Amazon. Even Maxie and Aries, our kitties, got gifts: a laser toy in the shape of plastic tabby and two mini costumes - a reindeer outfit and an elf outfit. There was no way in heck Maxie was going to wear one, but Aries was perfectly happy to be "voluntold." By which I mean he was perfectly miserable in his reindeer costume.

Poor guy. The first thing he did was run around like a maniac trying to dislodge the antlers. He went under the sofa. When he came back out, the antlers hung under his chin like a sad beard. Cats are definitely not dogs.

So I spent Christmas working on the images from Jay and Lisa's wedding in New Orleans, and alternately looking at Adam on the sofa and petting Aries, who scrambled onto my chair to sit like a furry, bearded log behind my back. And you know what? Life was good.

PS. Mad props to the Parkers for inviting us over, but the last time Adam passed out on them was one embarrassing moment too many lol! Here's to getting together when he's not jet lagged, guys :)

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