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when you want a broken camera, you get one that's not (a diana camera story)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | |

I know, I know,why would anyone want a broken camera, right? Well, let me explain. Diana cameras are toy cameras, flimsy plastic ones known for having defects that affect film in cool ways. They were manufactured a few decades ago, and were considered so terrible that they were practically free.

And do you know how much they are worth now?? New Dianas, made to be replicas of the old plastic ones from China, cost around $100ish, and that's without the "accessories." (!!!) Detachable lenses cost upward from around $40, and film adapters (the original uses 120 film, so if you want to use 35mm film, you need to buy an adapter) cost as much as the camera. FYI, 120 film is a pain in the butt to get developed and real expensive to boot. I find it easier to use a 35mm, get it developed, then scan the negatives now that I finally un-dumbed myself on how to use my film adapter unit on my scanner.

And because I'm a sadist, let me take a moment to burn your retinas:

"It's the Asian in me!"....Kris on Twitpic

(Photo courtesy of Laurie Perez's camera phone.) Yes, that's the Diana camera. Yes, unfortunately, that is also my scared/smiley?/constipated-looking face next to it. Luckily twitpic thumbs are small, so if you want to preserve what little sight you have left fromt he initial shock, don't click on it. Just look at the Diana camera.

It's a beauty, isn't it? Looks really retro. In a sad twist of fate, I seem to have the only Diana in history that works perfectly. Well, maybe, that's an exaggeration. Maybe it's like 1 of the 5 Dianas that work(ed) perfectly.

So I used PS to make them look weathered. Don't judge me. I only added some grain and color shifts, mmk?

And without further ado, I give you these shots taken from the Art Crawl a few weeks back here in Houston:

Double exposure, what?

And something random:

And another one. Remember this, Sam?

You might notice that most of those look like boob shots...well they're not intended to be :( The film adapter narrows your field of view by however much, and you don't see that in your viewfinder. So for next time, I just need to step way way WAY back. And no matter how much I fudge up taking the shots due to user error, there *will* be a next time. Because I'm also a masochist. Apparently.

when you want a broken camera, you get one that's not (a diana camera story) brought to you by Kris Fulk Photography


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