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Laughter and kisses

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | |

Last month, Laurie asked me if I wanted to second shoot for her wedding this past weekend. I said, "Are you crazy? Of course!" Well, okay, I guess that's what I said in my head. But what came out of my mouth was a more sedate, "Sure, let me check my calendar."

If you've been following my blog, you'd understand how I treasure every opportunity to shoot a wedding. I love love LOVE portraits and boudoir, but there's something about weddings that keep you on edge. Keeps you on your toes. Makes sure you stay sharp. And for some reason... I crave that. (See masochism.)

I remember when I walked into the room where Austin was getting ready at the Doubletree hotel in downtown Houston, he was jittery and pale, and not even the youtube video on the laptop was enough to get him to tie his bow tie correctly. "Do you know how to do this?" he asked me. Me, the despair of womanhood, who can't cook for my life but who can braid and solder wires like a champ. Luckily, his friends came to the rescue, fetched one of the bridesmaids who then ironed out the situ really quickly. We even had time to go to Sam Houston Park (where the ceremony was held) before the ceremony started and get some one-on-one with the groomsmen.

Watching Austin transform when Sally came down the aisle, it reminded me so much of what I love about weddings. While everyone looks at the bride, I look at the groom. The sweetness in the grooms' faces really gives me that "Awwww" moment. Austin was smiling joyfully, and Sally was both beautiful and graceful, with that look in her eyes that was specially for the man she loved. Their ceremony slipped from the traditional when their minister called on their friends and asked some questions to tease the couple with. There was so much laughter, and I felt so privileged to have been there. Thanks, Laurie!

The reception was held at Cordua: Artista just a few blocks away from Sam Houston Park. The decor was beautiful and the food absolutely deliscious. You've never had tres leches as good. Trust me.

And then just for fun, the faces behind Laurie Perez Photography, Laurie and her husband Felix. Looking smokin' hot, if I may say so myself. It should be illegal to look this good while working.

Laughter and kisses brought to you by Kris Fulk Photography


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