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My Wednesday

Thursday, February 4, 2010 | |

Wednesday is one of those days that people neither like nor dislike. It's just...one of those days. It's the middle of the week. It's neither Monday nor Friday nor Sunday. But I love Wednesdays. Here's why:

I met Mark Meeker of Christine Meeker Studios once again at our spot at Minuti's. Christine was there earlier too but I wasn't able to sneak a snap.

Mark was saying, "I'm so used to being the one behind the camera, I don't know what to do!" But before he could even finish that sentence I was like, SNAP! Ninja'd a photograph.

Even in my coffee cups: I was the short one.

Minuti in Sugarland. It's next to an Arby's, in case you get REALLY hungry.

Pretty posh inside, right? Don't forget to ask for your croissant heated; they're awesome about that.

I drove around after breakfast. On my way home, I realized that coffee was not enough. Letting my stomach lead the way ended us up here at Tinto's Spanish restaurant at River Oaks. Isidro was awesome and helped me figure out what's what in the lunch menu.

"The creme brulee," he said, "is the best."

Am I the only one who scopes out the dessert before the entrée??

It was some kind of yummy steak brisket sammich. Really good, really messy :) It was impossible to eat and read at the same time, that's for sure! It didn't help that I was using a highlighter. Super nerd alert!

I had good company, good coffee, good lunch and made friends with the excellent wait staff at Tinto's. How could I not love my Wednesday?

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