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annie cat rules

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | |

Some people have the audacity to be both terribly good looking and super talented. You know the type? Yeah. But they have to compound the situation by also being exceptionally nice. You can't help but love em, and you can't help but love Annie.

Have I said how talented this woman is? I asked her to take some portraits of my mean mug so I can have something decent for my profile. I hate getting photos of me taken. Hate hate hate. My place is behind the lens, and getting in front of it sets my teeth on edge. I don't know what to do! So I started playing around, telling myself I didn't care if I smiled this way and that one tooth poked out behind my bottom lip. (The bane of my adult life.) We joined the myriad photographers, models, and baby models at Mercer Arboretum last Saturday. When Annie said, "Look that way," I flashed my eyes that way; when she said, "Okay, seductive smile now," I burst out laughing. Click. And you know what? That's perfect. There was true joy in that laugh. I wish more people would take themselves less seriously and just let go a good guffaw. Annie called me a natural (I giggled) but it made me feel comfortable in front of the lens.

And while she was snapping away in front of me, I managed to quickly shoot a few photos of her and the arboretum as I posed.

annie cat, mercer arboretum

annie cat, mercer arboretum

annie cat, mercer arboretum

Below is my favorite of the photos from Annie: this image of a half woman-half camera. It encompasses how I see myself, perhaps better than a self-portrait could, where I could brood for days and not take a single picture. Not to mention it makes me look pretty darn good, in my totally unbiased opinion.

kris fulk photography

Now off you go to her website. You'll see what I mean with my well deserved effusive praise of her skills :)


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