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These shoes are made for taking photos!

Friday, March 5, 2010 | |

One of the things most often overlooked is the comfort of our feet. As a photographer, I'm sometimes standing for 8-10 hours (maybe more). Add the pounds and pounds of camera equipment strapped onto various parts of my anatomy, and I'm usually achy at the end of the day.

When I was in the Navy, steel-toed boots were mandatory, and it took me months of grueling boot camp work to break them in. Not just getting used to the leather and soles, but the added weight of the steel as well. These days, I'm usually sporting flats, but my wide feet struggle for comfort on the sides and the heel.

Enter All About Feet. Thanks to Jesus Tirso, a fellow photographer, for answering my facebook status. I was actually on my way to buy some more Dr. Scholl's inserts for my Puma ballerina flats, when he responded to my status update with, "Don't waste your money on Dr. Scholl's. Head over to [All About Feet] and let them accurately check your feet on their computer and recommend the right thing. Best thing you'll ever do."

So two hours later, I went on a shopping spree and came home with a pair of MBT's, a pair of Earth ballet flats, and various assortments of foot fix-its and socks. I take care of my equipment, after all. And happy feet ensure that the future of my photography is a happy one as well.

vintage park all about feet

vintage park all about feet

Meet Jackie. Without her invaluable assistance, I would probably still be pondering which pairs are right for me.

vintage park all about feet

The MBT's on the left versus my favorite pair of sandals. I decided to change shoes right then and there. MBT's are really strange, since the heel is lower than the rest of the sole, and the thickest part of the sole is the middle (so you make a rocking motion as you walk). Trust me, you feel them excercising your legs. So comfy, though!

vintage park all about feet

I figured since I'll be wearing them for event photography, I wanted to be a little rebellious and wear something colorful inside. Shhh, our secret.

vintage park all about feet

I'm so glad I remembered my SD card for my Canon G11 this time (this week has been so full of fail on that) and I was able to take photos of this lovely place as I took the MBT's for a test drive...err, walk.

vintage park all about feet

vintage park all about feet

Sure, the day was gray, but I was having so much fun just walking around it might as well be sunny. I'd missed that: taking a stroll and enjoying your surrounding. And now that my feet are happier, I can fully enjoy the feeling!


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