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a touch of pink: some favorites

Monday, April 19, 2010 | |

Dear readers: I apologize for not being a more prolific blogger. Currently, I am getting ready to pack for my trip to NYC on Wednesday - about which I'm SUPER (feels-like-I've-had-too-much-caffeine) EXCITED - and had just enough time to process this set.

Not a lot of story telling here. I just wanted to post a few of my favorites from the weekend I second shot for David of D. Jones Photography, who's absolutely amazing in action. I remember the groom say to me, "I don't know what happened: it went so fast - it was awesome," when talking about David taking the formals before the ceremony while I was shooting some candids. So if you'd like to see more of the photos from this wedding, and David's photographs (with a couple of photos from yours truly), you can find them here on his blog post.

This photo of the bride's shoes on the left was sheer stroke of genius, in my totally unbiased opinion. Two days before the wedding, I told Adam that I needed a key chain. A very specific one: the kind that had a latch on one end. Little did I know I was going to use it as a shoe chain! You can't see it on the photo, but the shoes' heels are attached into the chain right next to my car keys. The latch I then hooked onto some kind of chicken coop wire thingy. Genius, I tell you.

This is the groom pinning the buttonniere on his dad's lapel. I really need to learn how to do that; it's a handy skill. Specially these days :)

That's all for now! Right now I've got NYC on my mind. It's been years, way too long since I've been back home.


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